Fundraising Advisers – What They Do

We are excited this year to offer EVERY team the ability to have a Fundraising Adviser!

The role of the Fundraising Adviser is primarily to help Team Captains in the Relay For Life of Second Life become better fundraising leaders for their teams.

They provide consultation and advice on fundraising ideas, ways to improve existing plans, and how to engage, delegate, and include the whole team in Relay For Life fundraising.

They will help your team realize the total planning, implementing and running time cost of an event vs the amount of money the event actually raises, and, therefore, help your team become more efficient fundraisers

The Fundraising Advisers are experienced Fundraisers who have consistently increase their team totals year after year.

Your dedicated Fundraising Adviser will offer 2 initial training / information sessions in small groups and is available all season long to answer any questions or provide suggestions on how to reach your teams fundraising goal.

Session 1 includes What Is Relay For Life, Why Do We Fundraise, Setting Goals, and Team Leadership.

Session 2 covers Event Planning, Fundraising Outside SL, Using Convio, In-World Fundraising Tools and Other Resources

All new teams will be assigned a Fundraising Adviser. Teams of 3 years of less, and teams with New Captains, are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this program and request a dedicated Fundraising Adviser.

If you find your team often struggles to reach it fundraising goal or falls just short, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of this program.

If your team would like to take take only 1 of the training sessions, you can do that too!

Relay For Life of Second Life is a Fundraising Event supporting the American Cancer Society. We encourage all teams to strive for Gold or higher! We have faith you can do it! Have faith in your team that they can do it too !