Here are some of our frequently asked questions and answers.

What is the structure for the RFL of SL 2016?

Change is always a part of Relay For Life of Second Life. For years, we’ve embraced it and we encourage new ideas while keeping respect for tradition.  We have narrowed down the committee this year from 32 down to 20.  We have separated the committee into 4 main areas.

Steering Committee:  ACS staff partner,  Event Chair,  Event Co-Chairs

Core Committee: Survivor- Caregiver Lead, Missions Lead, Sponsorship Lead, Outreach Lead and Communication/Promotions.

Special Events: Events Director, Estate Manager, Master Builder and Estate Manager.

Task Force: Visitors Guide, Why I Relay, Technology, Photography, Fundraising Advisors, Video Production, Awards, Clothing, Closed Caption, Relay Media Network and Global Integration Contacts.

You can view the committee members on the Committee Page.

What is a Fundraising Advisor?

The role of the Fundraising Advisor is primarily to help Team Captains in the Relay For Life of Second Life become better fundraising leaders for their teams. New team captains will be their priority.  Any captain is welcome to attend a fundraising teaching class.  They will  provide you with consultation and advice on fundraising ideas, ways to improve your existing plans, and how to engage, delegate, and include your whole team in Relay For Life fundraising.  These classes will be a hands on learning of how to fundraise. Our Fundraising Advisors are not coaches nor will they take on the role of a coach.

 Will there be coaches this year?

No there will not be coaches this year.  All captains, once registered, will be contacted personally by someone on the Steering Committee.  All captains will be added to a Captain’s Group in world.  Throughout the year captains are encouraged to use the Captains group for questions, gleaning from experienced captains.  All  Core committee members will also be part of the Captains Group. Steering committee Chair and Co Chairs are only an IM away.  Any committee member can also answer your questions.  View the list of committee members here.

When will Fundraising Advisors hold their training classes?

A Fundraising Advisor will message you to set up a time to meet.  These will be small group classes. If you are a new team this year or have been Relaying less than 3 years AND have pre registered during the Early Bird registration, a Fundraising Advisor will be contacting you sometime in January, 2016.  New teams that register in February will be contacted shortly after they register.  Fundraising Advisors will remain available for teams that register later in the season.

When is captains training?

Captains training will begin in February. Watch group notices and our website for updated information.

What is the difference between Fundraising classes and Captains Training?

The Fundrasing classes priority is working with new teams and teams wanting to up their fundraising strategies. The Captains Training will go over all the new information and changes made for this 2016 season. All registered Captains and Co Captains should attend the Captains Training.

What if we didn’t register at early bird?

General registration is now open. Register your team here.

When does the 2016 Once Upon A Cure fundraising season begin?

Our season will begin with kick off on March 6th.

How come I don’t see my team listed on the team total page?

All teams will be listed on the Our Teams page. Only teams that have a fundraising total ($1 or more) will appear on the totals page.

If my team is already registered can we get a head start on convio donations?

Yes, all money raised on Convio, no matter when it was collected, will be included on your team total.

Do we have to register again once general registration opens Feb 1?

If you registered during early-bird, you do not need to register again.  Once your team is registered, you just gather your team and plan your fundraising goals.  You will be contacted by either the event Chair or Co-Chairs by IM.

When do we get our season kiosks, Tshirts, logos and goodies?

Everything you need to have a successful Relay season will be available on ACS Island beginning March 6,2016 after kick off.

I am not a captain but have a question.  Where do I go for help?

Are you a part of the RFL of SL Volunteer group?  That is a great place to start with your questions. Your team captain or co-captain should be able to answer your questions also. Feel free to contact Random Padar, Nuala Maracas or Leala Spire at any time.  We also have the Forum section on this website with great information from new and experienced relayers.  Always check our Relay website for any need.   http://relayforlifeofsecondlife.org/

I am not part of a team and would like more information on Relay For Life.  Who do I talk to?

Our Outreach Lead is Stevie Basevi.  She can help you with all your questions and help to identify the best way to get involved.

How is RFL of SL meeting the needs of those from non English speaking countries?

We are currently working on gathering Bi-lingual relayers who can help direct those internationally to a team which has Relayers who speak their language.  By the time our seasons starts, ACS Island will be the place to go to get contact names and information about RFLofSL in many languages.