Team Fundraising Club


The Team Fundraising Club program rewards team fundraising excellence. Your teams combined US and Linden dollar total  is used to determine which level your team earns each year.  As a token of appreciation, once your team reaches the Rising Star Fundraising Club level ($100 US), your team will be recognized for their first milestone as a member of the Fundraising Club.

When your team reaches the next Fundraising Club level, Bronze, your team name will be recognized as a Bronze team on the Fundraising Club totals page…and as you reach each new level, your team status on the Team Totals page will update. Your team captain will also receive our newly designed Fundraising Club badges which you can use on your SL profile, on facebook, or on twitter to proudly show your teams accomplishments.

All teams who reach the Rising Star or higher Fundraising Club levels will also receive a Fundraising Club sign at the Halfway There Event on May 6. Your team will also receive another at Relay Weekend on the July 15 & 16  which will be displayed at your teams campsite to recognize your team’s efforts and motivate other teams to reach higher levels next year.  The team may take this sign with them when Relay is over and proudly display it throughout the year at your businesses, clubs, or homes to show your success and generate publicity for our Relay event.

 Amounts Are In US $ Dollars

fundraising club swag bags and stars incentitive

New for 2017 is our Star Recognition and Swag Bag Incentive as part of the Team Fundraising Club.

This year you can help your team become a 5 star team.  There are 5 levels at which your team will earn a star.  The star will be added to your team campsite marker on display along the track on the July 15 & 16 Relay weekend.

In addition, as each team reaches one of the 5 levels in the Team Fundraising Club, the captain will submit a list of ACTIVE team member names to the Steering Committee.  It is up to the captain to ensure only ACTIVE team members names are entered.  We go on an honor system and with the assumption a captain would want an active,  participating, helpful  team member to win the 2 swag bags, not a team member who may not have participated in helping the team.  The names are submitted into the draw, and at wrap up in August, one lucky relayer will win a SL Swag Bag full of fantastic items  AND have a Swag Bag mailed to them from the American Cancer Society Relay For Life full of great goodies.

The 5 levels for name submission are:  Silver, Platinum, Sapphire, Ruby and Purple.  At each level the names are entered again into the draw. If your team reaches purple, your name would be in the draw 5 times for example.


fundraising club badges

As your team reaches each level on the Fundraising Club, your team captain will receive  corresponding Fundraising Club plaque and texture. You are encouraged to use the texture on your profile, your Facebook page, your twitter, or your team website.  Proudly display yours as a thank you for all you have done.

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Fundraising Club levels for Relay Weekend are determined as of 8pm SLT Wednesday July 12.

Any teams who meet a new level between 8pm SLT July 12 and closing ceremonies 10am July 16 will be recognized during closing ceremonies.

Teams who reach new fundraising club levels between July 16 and Wrap Up, 10 am SLT August 4, will be recognized during the wrap up ceremony.