Hope – Grand – All Star Clubs

Beginning 2017, The Hope Club, Grand Club and All-Star Program are now available for our Second Life Relayers !  Reach the required fundraising level on your individual Fundraising Dashboard and you could become part of the club!
Hope Club
As a registered Relay For Life participant, you will be awarded a commemorative T-shirt to wear at your event if you raise the minimum requirement of $100.
Grand Club
There are thousands of reasons why we want to recognize your efforts for reaching the $1,000 fundraising milestone! To show our appreciation, you will receive an exclusive Grand Club embroidered polo. Wear this proudly within your community  to help motivate and inspire other volunteers. After your Relay For Life event, you will also be eligible for a prize at the Jade  Individual Fundraising Club level!
All-Star Program
We are excited to announce the new Nationwide All-Star Program! The All-Star Program is a recognition and loyalty program for our individual Relay For Life participants who raise a minimum of $2,500 (per Relay season) in the fight against cancer.

You will receive an email within 4 weeks of Wrap Up which will contain your reward certificate and instructions on how you can redeem your award certificate.


Hope club badge

At the end of every week we will hand out the Hope Club Fundraising Badge to individuals who have raised at least $100 US on their personal Fundraising Dashboard.  Display this at your home, in your business, at your club. You will also receive a texture to proudly display in your profile in Second Life or on your Facebook page


If you do not see your team listed on the Fundraising Dashboard Page, you may Start A New Team, or Bring Back An Existing Team.  You do not have to be a team captain to do so, however, do not choose “lead the team” if you are not the captain, simply choose “join as a team member”. You can sign up with your Second Life name as well as with your Real Life name to reach out to family and friends.  Simply create two accounts using two email addresses.   No information is ever shared or crossed between the two accounts unless you choose to do so.

If you choose to register on the Fundraising Dashboard with both your Second Life and your Real Life names we can combine those totals for you.    Simply complete the confidential  form below and ask for the two to be combined.  This form is created by and accessible only by our American Cancer Society Staff Partner – Courtney Goodall.. aka  Hopewalker Resident

There are classes offered on how to set up and use the Fundraising Dashboard to increase your fundraising totals. Please check the Relay University class schedule for times.  Your Fundraising Dashboard is easy to set up, easy to personalize and easy to fundraise with.

So get yourself registered under your team on the Fundraising Dashboard site and start sending those emails to your family, friends, or co workers.  Find SL or Real Life Sponsors for our relay and have them pay via  the your Fundraising Dashboard to your personal page.  Put out that coffee can at work, collect the donations and pay them into the  site yourself.  Be creative in your fundraising and you may very well be watching relay next year on your 40 inch samsung tv you rewarded yourself with!