Event July 5, 2016

7/5/16    5pm    Cancers Worst Nightmare     Team Shadow

You’ve been moving that kiosk forward for weeks, now it’s time to see just how many weeks Madonna will be transformed into cancers worse nightmare.  At the end of the evening we will total the funds raised, she’ll be transformed for one week for every 20k Linden paid.  The Deep Shadows cover Band will bring the music.  Best in Horror Music will be up on the board for 1000L.

7/5/16    1pm    The Doors Tribute – Hard Rock Caffè Millellium
Foundation For Life

The Doors Tribute_Hard Rock Caffe Millennium


Culture and Art RFL of ONCE Upon A Cure
Fundraising Event for the Relay for Life SL 2016.

Foundation For Life presents:

The Doors Tribute – Hard Rock Caffè Millellium
Day – 5th July.
Time – 1PM – 3PM  SLT
Where – Foundation For Life

“”There are things know and things unknown and in between are the doors”” ( Jim Morrison)