Media Partners 2017

Official 2017 Media Partners

Thank You to our Official  2017 Media Partners for their generosity of spirit and commitment to Saving Lives, Celebrating Lives and helping to Lead The Fight for a world without cancer!

T1Radio – The Official Broadcaster for Relay For Life & American Cancer Society in Second Life

T1Radio is one of the oldest radio broadcasters in Second Life.   Established by Trader Whiplash and Nuala Maracas in June, 2005 and modelled after New York City’s landmark WNEW-FM, T1 streams classic rock with a mix of rockin’ country and blues 24/7. Listeners can tune us in at
T1Radio is synonymous with Relay For Life. Since 2006 T1Radio has streamed Relay and is the official broadcaster for the American Cancer Society in Second Life.
Some T1Radio/RFL of SL Highlights:
• 2006 – 1st Relay For Life weekend broadcast
• 2007 – Provides voice to Opening, Closing and Luminaria Ceremonies
• 2008 – 1st Broadcast of Kick Off, Halfway There and Wrap Up
• 2010 – Sponsors 1st Holiday of Hope Ball
• 2012 – Introduces Relay Rap – the Talk Show For and About the Relay For Life of Second Life
• 2012 – Becomes AviChoice audio producer
• 2014 – Nuala, Trader and T1Radio Inducted into Relay For Life Hall of Honor
• 2015 – Trader and T1Radio are AviChoice finalists and T1Radio and staff garner 5 nominations over all
T1Radio is headquartered in Arinultra Cay where it hosts events every evening at LEGENDS Classic Rock.

krytpon radio

Krypton Radio plays an eclectic mix of music from the entire spectrum of nerd culture. We also play old time radio serials, and even have geek DJ’s. We’re the only station in the world that plays music the fans make themselves. We have geek-centric talk shows, radio dramas and a ton of geek tunes. It’s all family safe, so yes, if you’re a kid, or are old enough to have kids, everybody can listen.

The station was created by Gene Turnbow and friends who, in 2009, wanted a geek radio station to listen to while gaming. Unable to find one, they made their own. Today it’s the best loved science fiction format radio station on  Earth, reaching tens of thousands of listeners and readers each month, in 123 countries around the world.       Visit Krypton Website For More Information & Shows

 MTFB Radio is designed with the grid flyer in mind. Tune in to live broadcasts or listen to recordings of previous ones. A nice mix of music that goes well with flying, boating or just about anything you are doing.
Go to  We are available to do a live broadcast of your next aviation event. IM Luke Flywalker to set up a show.  Music to Fly By Parcel Media Stream Now available by popular demand 24/7 Music to Fly By parcel media stream sponsored by The SL Aviation Network. Now listen to my awesome mix of tunes from classic rock to techno and anything in between anytime on your parcel. Let me know if you would like an announcement for your airport, group or aviation event. We’re happy to promote your aviation related activities free of charge.

 ENT SL Radio is one of the fastest growing radio stations in Second Life with over 4300 in-world members, 16 partner clubs, 35 live shows per week and over 23,000 website visits!  An entertainment based station with a deep Second Life focus; ENT offers high-end promotion services, at no cost, to Second Life businesses.  Services range from professionally produced commercials played live on their 24/7 stream, logo display on their website and in-world and more.  If interested, contact Shane Foresight or Kaijah Chrome in-world.  You can also visit their website at 

Second Life Newser

The beginnings of Second Life Newser can be traced to another online newspaper covering Second Life, named appropriately enough Second Life Newspaper. Founded by JamesT Juno and starting up in November 2006, he was soon joined by other writers, notably Dana Vanmoer who assumed the position of editor and improved the paper, and soon had a thriving media outlet. In 2009, James and Dana decided to give up the paper which was taken over by the employees of the paper and the result was a new online newspaper: Second Life Newser.

Remember the past, and look to the future. And so, under our new paper, we continue to report the news big and small, the people, places, and events of Second Life, with an occasional peek elsewhere online. It’s what we do, and will continue to do for as long as we can.

Check out SLNewser at

Nu Vibez Magazine has been serving the entertainment and informational needs of Second Life, internet and RL readers since 2008, covering everything from psychology to SL fashion and all points in between.

Roleplay Guide Magazine was created in 2011, focused specifically on all topics related to role playing from educating to in depth sim reviews to even well written character back stories.

Today, Roleplay Guide will be joining Nu Vibez to continue serving the needs of both reader bases, extending the reach of every message and entertaining and educating a cross populated market, bringing your ideas to those who know nothing about them just yet.  Check it out at

Check out these affiliates of NuVibez as well!

Owned by iMoogi Enterprises, LLC., iMoogi Radio originally began as a discussion between the CEO of AVATAR PR and his staff years ago. That discussion would eventually become Indie Nation Live, an online weekly radio show broadcast in Second Life. The fun doing the shows and the wonderful feedback underscored the need for doing even more than just a weekly radio show.

After taking on iMoogi’s television network as a client, the CEO of Avatar PR realized the potential of incorporating radio with television and bringing more than just a single radio show to an entertainment hungry audience.  Revisiting what an online station would mean to both companies was the final step to launching iMoogi Radio.

Combining our actual world network ofpromoters, club owners, DJ’s indie and signed artists and more with our virtual one will allow iMoogi Radio to operate across multiple platforms to reach millions of consumers in multiple social networks.

As a division of our parent company iMoogi Enterprises LLC, iMoogi Radio joins the following list of other virtual/actual brands and partners in our portfolio:

Listen to Immogi Radio at

Radio Active Air – check them out at




IndieSpectrum Radio is not a business, it is non profit and privately funded! 

IndieSpectrum Radio’s sole purpose is to expose more people to the amazing talent of the musicians in Second Life, and to promote their efforts as independent musicians by playing their original works.

IndieSpectrum only plays original music from independent artists that are performing live in Second Life, or have, or are planning to soon.

IndieSpectrum Radio has been broadcasting 24/7 since November 2007! As of Jan 2016 we have over 300 SL artists and over 2600 original songs on our play list. IndieSpectrum Radio is in the top 15% of all Shoutcast stations with nearly 40,000 unique listeners and over 32,000 listening hours per month.

Listen in at

ModeLS Magazine started  out of an idea to give people that are new in the fashion industry the opportunity to read about all the things that are going on and to give the designers a chance to show themselves. We work as a non-profit organization and invite our readers to join the challenges.

Our first issue was published in May 2013 and since then the magazine has change the layout a bit and we also offer and bring some RL subjects in our SL. We continue to grow day by day and hope to keep growing.

We are always open to new idea’s!
We are not just another magazine. We are also a fashion review made by models for models. We will be telling you as much as you need to know about the fashion world, runway shows, pose artists, animations, designers, builder, trends, contests, charitys, hang out places, singers and much more brought to you by the most experienced models on the grid. And lets not forget we have a styling challenge that is open for everyone !!!  We are open for everyone in Second Life !!  Visit our website at

The Best of SL Magazine is committed to bringing you the Best of Second Life. Whether it is amazing sims, builds, fashion…We shall showcase it!

Here we shall give you all the information of what is happened at BOSL. Please join to Best of SL Magazine Readers group in Second Life for extra info.


The Gorean Whip is Gor’s most exciting internet streaming radio station, offering you more choices for your Gorean Radio needs. Bringing you a station of inclusion, not exclusion, With a wide range of Music, Readings from the books of Gor, Dance Competitions, Tournaments and Ceremonies.  All for your Listening pleasure.

The Gorean Whip Radio is a Gorean themed radio station based on the principles founded in the novels of John Norman. The station features music, talk, and educational shows around and about the Gorean lifestyle.  For more information and to listen, visit The Gorean Whip Radio at

Serenity Radio was born for the continued failed attempts to find a radio stream that played the music I liked here in Second Life.So we sat down and had a brain storming session. What do we want from a Second Life radio station?
1) Quality Sound
2) Reliable service
3) Updated Music
4) Rare tracks and mixes of updated music
5) I want to know about what is happening in SL
6) If there are commercials it should be In-world business advertising

From this list we built Serenity Radio!

In-World Stream
Or in the Real