Event Day

2013 opening ceremonyWhat is “Relay Weekend” in Second Life?

Relay For Life is the signature event of the American Cancer Society and has been active, and continually growing  in Second Life for 11 years.  In 2005, the first Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) was attended by a few hundred avatars and raised almost $5,000 US dollars for the American Cancer Society. Five years later, in 2010 the Relay For Life of Second Life raised over $220,000.  The 1 MILLIONTH US dollar was raised in 2011 when more than 2000 volunteers raised over $375,000.  In 2012 we passed the 1.5 million dollar mark. In 2014, we passed the 2 million US dollar mark and we are approaching the 3 million dollar mark quickly.

Relay Weekend  is a fun-filled, overnight event that unites SL individuals throughout the world to celebrate survivors (anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer), remember loved ones and raise money for the fight against cancer.

For more information about RFL in SL please visit the American Cancer Society Region anytime, day or night, all year long.

Below is information on our 2016 Relay Weekend.  2017 event information will be update in July 2017.  Relay weekend is July 15 & 16, 2017

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Event Day Welcome Area   – TBA July 2017

American Cancer Society Island

2016 Relay For Life of Second Life

Theme: Once Upon A Cure
Kickoff Date: Sunday, March 6, 2016
Relay Weekend: Saturday/Sunday, July 16-17, 2016
Wrap-Up: Sunday, August 14, 2016

the Luminaria
As you walk the track you’ll notice luminaria line the sides.  These are your opportunities to pay tribute to a lost loved one.. or to thank a person who inspires and encourages you.  Donating lindens to a luminaria gives you the chance to mention a special someone in hover text over the bag and will light and change color based on the linden amount paid to it.  Following is a list of the 2014 Luminaria color and linden levels.  Feel free to type in any amount you wish to donate.

$50 – $999 – Blue
$1000 – $2499 –  Yellow
$2500 – $4999 – Orange
$5000 – $7499 – Pink
$7500 – $9999 – Green
$10000 or more – Purple + fireworks

the Schedule
The themes are brought to the track to be fun and entertaining, not required, but it’s always fun to see all the variety on the track.  Here is a list of this year’s themes and we hope you enjoy getting those outfits ready!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

10:00 AM   Opening Ceremony
11:00 AM    Survivor/Caregiver – CELEBRATE
12:30 PM    Teams Lap
2:00 PM      Colors Of The World
3:00 PM     Heroes
4:00 PM     Witches and Wizzards
5:00 PM     Swashbucklers
6:00 PM     Tail As Old As Time
7:00 PM     Western Round-Up
8:00 PM     Grab A Twin / Buddy
9:00 PM      Luminaria Ceremony – REMEMBER
10:00 PM   Steampunk
11:00 PM   Walk This Way
MIDNIGHT – Old School – What Era Are You

Sunday, July 17, 2016

1:00 AM     50 Shades Of Purple
2:00 AM     You Light Up My Life
3:00 AM     Sci-Ri
4:00 AM     Somewhere Over The Rainbow
5:00 AM     Kick Butt
6:00 AM      FIGHT BACK
7:00 AM     It’s A MORE Birthday Party
8:00 AM     Coffee Tea Relay
9:00 AM     Formal Hour
10:00 AM    Closing Ceremonies
11:00 AM    Victory Lap!  – Walk the track and meet the Relay Committee.  Celebrate YOUR Relay.  Take THAT, Cancer!
12:30 PM    RAFFLE Draw!
1:00 PM     SILENT AUCTION Closes!
2:00 PM     Enjoy Walking the Track and Visiting the Builds

the Ceremonies
2015 RFL Activity 1There are two entrances to the Ceremonies Stage.  If one is full, try another!

RFL Activities 1  |  RFL Activities 3  |

JULY 16TH 2016:   

Opening Ceremony – 10 am – The fun-filled weekend begins!

CELEBRATE – 11 am – The first lap of Relay weekend begins with the celebrate ceremony.  A Survivor/Caregiver honor walk.  Please line the track and celebrate our heroes.

REMEMBER – 9pm – the Luminaria Ceremony –  a solemn reflection with readings and inspirational music; sims are darkened in remembrance of those and their loved ones who have lost their battles to cancer or are still battling it; all are invited to participate.  Please walk the track in silence.

JULY 17TH 2016:

FIGHT BACK -6am-  Pick up your Fight Back Kits and Fight Back Flags – available at the Relay Information Stations along the track,  and join us as we make our fight back pledges to save a life this year – your own, a friends, a family member, or someone you don’t even know yet.  Together we all can FIGHT BACK against cancer.

Closing Ceremony – 10 am – Come to close out our amazing weekend with this closing tribute to what we’ve accomplished and how we will, as ONE big Relay For Life of Second Life team, continue to Fight Back and keep our Hope alive.

the Activities

As you land on the Event Day sims this year, you will see a Welcome Center where you will find valuable information to make your experience at Relay For Life of Second Life more enjoyable. Please take some time to look around the Welcome Center.

Here’s some of the activities you can expect to see at Relay weekend this year, on the 3 Activity Regions.

Information Centre    
RFL Museum
Raffle For Relay
Silent Auction
Live Music
DJs Music and Dancing
Dance Performances
Snail Races
Special RFL weekend Hunt
3 (sim) Corner Ceremonies Stage
Teams Vendor Markets
Gacha Machines

Around the track you’ll see a constant amazing display of some of SL’s greatest talent.. the Relay For Life Team campsites. Our Relay teams have all come together to each build their own display at the side of the track and welcome you to stop in and visit. They’ve worked hard all season and are thrilled to receive guests at their site.

Also alongside the track are fabulous builds constructed for our enjoyment by some of SL’s top builders. It is with honor we thank the following builders for the generous donation of their talent and precious time for us all to enjoy. Also listed is the name of the region that you can view their contribution to this year’s Relay For Life track.

Participate in our Relay weekend hunt – this years theme is Once Upon a Curious Girl – Fantasy Leading Ladies. Explore our designer regions in search of treasure from 30 different content creators. Each treasure will cost 1L with all proceeds to American Cancer Society.

Stop by the Relay For Life Museum and catch up on 12 years with of RFL of SL history. The pictures and items in the Museum go all the way back to 2005!

Be sure to holler out as you walk down Media Row! Take time to stop and say hello to some of our many Media partners as you walk the track. Look out for : T1 Radio, Krypton Radio, WHIP Radio, Music To Fly By, Fantasy Faire Radio, Radio Cibigibi, the stations under Machiatto Media (Honey 103, What Foreplay, What Island, and What), Full Throttle Radio, and WTF Radio. All Season long they have been there with us carrying RFL out to those who might no know we are here ! Give them a Cheer!

Activity Region Landmarks

RFL Activity 1  

RFL Activity 2  

the Relay Track
!!Stop in for a Visit to these Special Locations!!

Survivors/Caregivers Region – RFL Survivor                                                                                 survivor caregive_001_002

A beautifully designed region celebrating our Cancer Survivors and Caregivers

Landmark: RFL Survivor


T1 Radio – Official Broadcaster / RFL of SL 2016 Broadcasting Studio –

Broadcasting Relay For Life over the Relay Sims, the SL Grid, and beyond since 2006T1Radio RFL Broadcast Center RFL Give

Landmark: RFL Give – T1Radio

T1Radio - Tune In

T1’s broadcasts can be found on TuneIn Radio app for any connected device at:

In Second Life listeners can tune the T in at   http://t1radio.serverroom.us:8242



Mega Events – Various Locations
RFL Mega Events have grown to be some of the most amazing events in Second Life. They are attended by thousands of guests and shoppers, SL residents and fans who expect and receive the best show(s) of the year. These events add a big push to the fundraising campaigns of the American Cancer Society in Second Life and those supporters/volunteers are such a valuable part of the Relay and that punch against cancer.  Each has a special area along our Relay track, stop by for information on each Mega event and check out the beautiful builds.

Fashion For Life – RFL Hope

Fantasy Faire – RFL Embrace

The Xmas Expo  – RFL Knowledge

The Home & Garden Expo – RFL Strides

Sci Fi Convention – RFL Prevention

Designer Regions  – Various Locations

Also alongside the track are fabulous builds constructed for our enjoyment by some of SL’s top builders. It is with honor we thank the following builders for the generous donation of their talent and precious time for us all to enjoy. Also listed is the name of the region that you can view their contribution to this year’s Relay For Life track.

Eclair Martinek – RFL Survivor
Luna Barak – RFL Manage
Darkstone Aeon – RFL Victory
Null Aries – RFL Courage
Dreams Community – RFL Strength
Pluto Fairey – RFL Dedication
Bijoux Lefavre – RFL Journey
KT Syakumi – RFL Remission
Jaraziah Lowell – RFL Awareness
Searlait Nitschke – RFL Life
Alia Baroque – RFL Healing

the Relay Stations

Each Relay Region has a Relay Information Station. Across the top you will see the current Theme Hour & Sponsor Banner.  Hanging down in the middle is the name of the Region, and on either side is the Luminaria Information and The Activities Schedule. Click either one of those for more information.    Relay Station 2016_001Big Honkin Box

Inside the Relay Station you will find the name of the Region Sponsor with a clickable sign to get more information. Information on Relay For Life, some fun Track Tools, The Visitors Online Guide, and a Big Honkin  Box Of Relay Goodies!


Team Name Region Assigned
A Stand for Hope KNOWLEDGE
Aether Chrononauts Tiny Steps EMBRACE
Affliction Rising SUPPORT
Atlantis For Life SPIRIT
Bonanza Country RFL TEAM HERO
Builder’s Brewery Relay For Life PLEDGE
Cherubs for a Cure SPIRIT
Circle of Life STRIDES
Core Charities For Life SPIRIT
Cure Chasers HOPE
CyberNuts RFL HERO
Cz Cheerleaders RESEARCH
Damnation MC INSPIRE
Doctor Who Radio OVERCOME
Dragons for a Cure INSPIRE
Dreamin’ in Purple PLEDGE
E&S Breedables RESEARCH
Faeries of Hope and the Cure RELAY
Feed Your Soul, Find A Cute SPIRIT
Fighting Sunflowers RELAY
Fly For Life CURE
Foundation For Life KNOWLEDGE
Frank Sinatra & Company INSPIRE
Friends For A Cure HERO
Giant Snail Relay RESEARCH
Goreans in Relay for Life HOPE
Guardians For Life HERO
Harmony of Hope TEACH
Hearts & Souls SUPPORT
Hearts for Purple Healing STRIDE
Highland Knights of Avalon GIVE
Hope Haven Heroes STRIDES
Inspired Dreamwalkers INSPIRE
LA Designs, Cures Come True CARE
Madd Vibes RELAY
Meli’s Maniacs RELAY
Mieville Steam punks TEACH
Mongols World MC OVERCOME
Morningwood Valley RESEARCH
Project Indigo SCREENING
Quest for a cure CARE
RadioActiveAir ADVOCACY
Ragtag CURE
Relay Pranksters PLEDGE
Relay Rockers ADVOCACY
Relay Wizards for SpUnKy SCREENING
RFL Ryukyu Warriors TEACH
Rock Candi Club PLEDGE
Sail For Life CURE
Scorpions Stingers CARE
Second Life Cheerleading Squad ADVOCACY
SL Coast Guard CURE
Spirit Of Sherwood Forest (#69) CELEBRATE
Spirit Wolf Walkers TEACH
Starfleet Renaissance TEACH
Sunbeamers SUPPORT
Team Buddy SPIRIT
Team Live Wire EMBRACE
Team Metamorphosis SCREENING
Team Mingan For Relay For Life Of SL SCREENING
Team Nova SPIRIT
Team Sci-Fi! CARE
Team Shadow OVERCOME
Team Sol Existence SUPPORT
Team Strange Journeys CELEBRATE
Team Wolf Spirit RESEARCH
The Relay Guild INSPIRE
Too Tough To Die ADVOCACY
Touched By Angels SUPPORT
TwoMoonParadise Dreamers PREVENTION
Unmasking A Cure TEACH
Walking Tall For A Cure CARE
Willow Spring RFL’ers STRIDES