“Stinky”, The RFL Skunk

You may never know who arranged for Stinky to visit your team, but your team page will tell you how long he’ll stick around for! It’s a minimum of 5 whole days! But fear not; there is hope. With new specially-crafted de-skunker kiosks, you can collect donations to buy-down the amount of time Stinky stays around. Even buy him off completely! Having Stinky around is an amusing affront to your team’s sensibilities. Rally the team! Man the battle stations! Grab a DJ or two and make it a party. Pay down that de-skunker kiosk until Stinky heads for the hills! Or even better: Think you know who had him pay you a visit? Head on over to ACS Island and find Stinky just waiting to help you pounce on the unsuspecting team of your choice! “Real-world” Relays may have their commando squads of “Purple Potty” deliveries…but here in Second Life, you can be “skunked!” You can skunk a team for a minimum donation of L$ 2,400. This keeps the team skunked for 5 days, (at L$1 =3 minutes). Going over is allowed, at the same rate, L$1=3 minutes. If a team is already skunked, you can pay Stinky (on ACS Island) to skunk them longer (6 hours) for a minimum payment of L$120 (at the same rate, L$1=3 minutes) and of course, you can go over. The de-skunking kiosk works hard to get that stink off your team. However, it’s hard work. Payments to the de-skunking kiosk will remove 1 minute for every L$ 2 donated. Payments to Stinky to skunk a team go to General Event Donations, and payments to the de-skunker kiosk go to the skunked team!