Fundraising Guidelines

This is an online virtual fundraiser, unlike any others. If there are any questions about these guidelines, please contact the RFL of SL Event Chair and/or Co-Chairs to discuss. There may be times of special circumstances considering the platform that we are utilizing to fundraise.

**Listing Fundraising Events in SL Events

Please use “RFL of SL” or “Relay For Life” of SL in the title (the “For” part of RFL should have the “F” capitalized).  

**Event Standards

Make sure your fundraising events are tasteful. Fundraising events should be held within good moral standing as to represent the American Cancer Society.  This means all events should be of a G or M rating.

Adult themed (rated) businesses or clubs may place kiosks outside the establishment.

When submitting events for the RFL of SL event calendar, you should provide a “rating” of G, M, or A for the sim rating where your event will be hosted.

Fundraising events held on a sim rating of “A” may be posted in Volunteer group only if it contains the following disclaimer:

** This Event Is On A Sim Rated:   A (Adult) **

Relay For Life fundraising events should not contain nudity or sexual activity.

Also use common sense on these events as well.  

**Donation Standards

All monies from RFL of SL fundraising efforts must go into the fundraising tools that are  scripted to go the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY Account.

If 100% of the proceeds are not going to AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY, the event may not be advertised as an RFL of SL (Relay For Life of Second Life) event.

If an individual would like to donate a portion of their store sales, marketplace items, other online merchant sites, tips or proceeds to RFL of SL, they may advertise that they support RFL of SL on signage and drop any monies they choose into a kiosk. They may NOT advertise as a RFL of SL fundraising event.

Teams may sell sponsorship of their events. Those sponsors can be advertised at your team’s individual fundraising event.

*There are specific standards/guidelines for approved Mega Events.*


We cannot sell anything with the American Cancer Society or Relay For Life logo on it. (the moon and stars) (Tip: you can give items as a gift in exchange for a donation).

Our Second Life (RFL) yearly theme logo may be used on items that are sold in RFL Vendors.

Gambling and Games of Chance are not allowed. (Example: Greedy). You may place a Relay For Life Donation Kiosk near a Greedy table or other games and encourage people to donate some or all of their winnings.


**Child Avatars

Events on Adult sims which are held in proximity to sexual activity, objects, scripts, graphics, and / or chat (text or voice), or give the impression in any way of child avatar sexual involvement MUST prohibit child avatars altogether. The American Cancer Society chooses to err on the side of caution and requires any event or Child Avatar on an Adult sim to be in compliance with Second Life Terms of Service explained here 

The American Cancer Society reserves the right to deny association with any avatar or fundraising event.

Courtney Goodell, Online Revenue Program Manager

Jeffrey Montegut, Director, Relay For Life Online Revenue


Logo Guidelines

You will notice that all of ACS’s logos have a TM (Trademark, definition below) symbol embedded, which means there are rules you *must* follow in order to use it.

Logo needs to remain intact. It cannot, by law, be chopped up, re-colored or modified in any way. When resizing the logo, keep the original proportions.Logo must hold clear margins and be clear of all encroachment (peripheral design).

Don’t place it right next to another graphic or border.It cannot be placed next to any profanity or anything that detracts for the ACS mission. Please – this brand is precious to all of us and we want to keep it held with the best possible regard and reputation.Please do not alter the design by removing the American Cancer Society logo.

This event is supported by American Cancer Society resources and trademarked (see below). The use of all American Cancer Society Relay For Life logos is for Relay For Life purposes only! We cannot sell items with the any of these logos on them. If you see an item FOR SALE displaying any of the TM logos, please contact Nuala Maracas or HopeWalker06.