Events for Relay Weekend – 7/16-17/16

Get your Relay on!

7/16/16  2pm    Relay for Life Finale- Live Performers        

Join us for a day and night of LIVE music in support of Relay for Life.
1PM- Erin Frog
2PM- Max Kleene
3PM- Jacq Kuik
4PM- Lee Winegarden
5PM- Savannah Rain
6PM-Collin Martin
7PM- Dominoe Effect

7/16/16       1pm    Relay for Life Finale -DJ’s        

Come join us as our SL DJs spin some great music for you all in support of Relay for Life.
1PM-3PM Nick Wildcat
3PM-5PM Charity Corleone
5PM-7PM DJ Corri
7PM-9PM Scorpion Swansen

7/16/16         1:30pm    Relay for Life Finale -Dance Troupes        

Come join us for the amazing dance troupes performing for Relay for Life. Please come join these great events.

1:30 PM – Mer Ballet
3:00 PM – First Step Dance Team
4:30 PM – Mynx Dance
7:00 PM – Phoenix Dance


7/16-17/16    ONCE UPON A CURious GIRL

ONCE UPON A CURious GIRL HUNT.  Fundraiser for RFL SL.  $1L gifts.
July 16 – July 17


7/16/16    16:00:00    Patsy Cline    Highland Knights of Avalon

The Highland Knights of Avalon invite you to join us at The Loch Ness Inn, in the glorious Highlands of Scotland where Patsy Cline will be making an appearance at her very own Tribute Concert!

4 pm – 6 pm – Sat 16th June

7/17/16    04:00:00    Over The Rainbow Lap Tunes        

Hearts & Souls brings you our 5th annual wakeup set in the Activity Sims. A colorful set of tunes with a virtual breakfast spread. Take your track break with us!  SLURL tbd. Grab LM from campsite poster or watch Volunteers group.