Events for 5/24/16

Lots to see and do!

5/21 – 7/23/16 24hr – Lollygagger Art Event – Walking Tall For A Cure

5/23 – 6/4    3PM    3rd Annual Castle Home & Garden Contest

5/24/16 – 4pm – SING FOR A CURE – Goreans in Relay For Life

5pm – Deep Shadows Cover Band – Team Shadow

6pm – Relay Pranksters Prom – Relay Pranksters

6pm – Builders Brewery Speed Build Contest –

ongoing – Greased Lightning Prison – Team Bobbi Sue

Captains, Co-Captains or anyone hosting an event, we will place your event on the RFL of SL webpage where it is also shared on Facebook and Twitter.  Visit and fill out the form to submit your event then stop at ACS Island to submit your texture.  Post AT LEAST 48 hours in advance since the calendar and event page posting are done manually and we need time to post them.

Any Questions?  IM Amethyst Starostin