2017 Event Leadership


The Relay For Life of Second Life is please to introduce your 2017 Event Leadership Team (ELT). This season you committee is being formed within the new RFL Experience Model guidelines.

While the names may have changed the roles remain very much the same as in the past.

Your ELT will be organized in 3 ‘Experience’ areas. Most team related leadership falls into ‘Bring The People” to be headed by Co Event Lead Leala Spire. “Bring The Fun” will be looking after event and ceremony activities, including Kick Off, Paint SL Purple and of course Relay Weekend. Former RFL Design Lead Grace Devin be your 2017 Co Lead overseeing this Experience.

The final Experience area is Fund The Mission. This area, which includes Fundraising, Sponsorship, Mission Education and Integration will be the responsibility of your 2017 RFL of SL Event Lead Nuala Maracas.

Area Leads and other ELT members will be announced as the season draws closer, as well at the 2017 Kick Off on March 5th, 2017

This year’s Relay For Life of Second Life theme is Passport To A Cure!

For more information contact Nuala Maracas nuala.maracas@gmail.com


2017 Event Leadership Interest Form


Are you Positive Minded? Passionate? A Leader and a Doer? Have you ever thought about joining the team that makes all the Relay magic happen?! We’re looking for passionate volunteers that can join quantum code Event Leadership Team and help make our 2017 Relay For Life the best yet!!

To Complete Our Event Leadership Team Interest Form Click Here

2016 Changes – Update

changeThere has been a lot of confusion surrounding some of the changes for the upcoming Relay For Life of Second Life season. After several days of listening and having personal conversations with Team Captains and volunteers,  the Steering Committee and I feel it is important to amend and explain these changes.

Most importantly, we’d like to thank all of the volunteers who, over the years, have given so much of themselves, their time, and their donations. We understand that the Relay For Life of Second Life is very different than any other event in the world…and that there are many ways to Relay. We understand that not every volunteer has the resources to fundraise at the same levels, and that we have many teams who provide so much value to the spirit of community and support that is equally important to the event as the fundraising dollars. It’s what makes up the special “Spirit of Relay” that we care so much about.

That being said, we want for everyone to be more comfortable talking about fundraising. Dr. Gordy Klatt started Relay For Life because he wanted to do something in his community to raise money for the American Cancer Society because he understood that cancer research is very expensive.  He also understood that in order to raise substantial money, he needed to do something hard. He needed to challenge himself…and his friends. The fact that he was attempting to do something so hard is what motivated his friends and family to support him…with time and with donations. Relay For Life was never meant to be “easy.” If it were easy, we wouldn’t be doing it. We do it because we all embrace the challenge. We embrace the challenge because we all know a loved one who faced a much tougher challenge…and this is the least we can do to honor their memory. When we form a team, we make that commitment to work tirelessly to raise money…because we know that every dollar counts…and because we believe in the success of the American Cancer Society…and we know that without our fundraising dollars, we wouldn’t have the early prevention and treatment options that we do today.

OUR Relay’s most treasured tradition is our “One Team” spirit. It is the reason for our success and it is fueled by our Spirit of Relay. And so, in keeping with our Second Life Relay tradition, to embrace the passion as well the fundraising, to honor those who give of themselves, as well as those who give their Lindens, The Steering Committee has worked over the last several days to adjust the changes for 2016. In addition to these changes, we are also committed to improving the Awards program to raise the focus on the non-fundraising elements of Relay For Life.

  1. All teams with a fundraising total will appear on the Totals Page
  2. All teams will be listed on the “our teams” page (no change from last year)
  3. All teams on the Totals Page are eligible for a campsite
  4. The fundraising club levels will remain as they are…with Rising Star being the first level at $100
  5. We are introducing the Individual Convio Fundraising Club, where RL prizes can be won through Convio fundraising achievement

Please remember that the fundraising club is a recognition for accomplishment. It is a reward that should inspire teams to challenge themselves to reach as high as they can go. For some teams, the Rising Star level is a great accomplishment…and we will celebrate that! Because in order for us to reach our $300,000 goal for 2016…which will also be our $3 millionth all-time…we’re going to need EVERY team…EVERY dollar…EVERY linden.  And just as important, we’re going to need to work together to do it!  We thank you all for your commitment and your passion…and your trust in the Steering Committee. And we challenge every one of our teams to set their first goal at the Rising Star Level!!


With Sincere Gratitude,


Stingray Raymaker
Random Padar
Leala Spire
Nuala Maracas

What You Should Know About Team Registration

What a day of registrations! A few things you should know.
1. If you have had trouble with the ORANGE links on the web site to register for Relay or Convio those are now FIXED! You should have no more delays.
2. If you sneak a peek at the teams total page you will gradually see teams added. The steering committee is busy busy adding information. Kind of fun waiting for your team name to show up!!
3. If your team is registered for convio team members can join also by clicking JOIN A TEAM.


Mission Monday ~ World Cancer Day


World Cancer Day

Every year on February 4th, the American Cancer Society joins other organizations and people around the world to unite in the global fight against cancer. The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) organizes World Cancer Day, which is marked by events to raise awareness at an individual, community, and governmental level to implement what we already know about cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment.

World Cancer Day 2016

New Estate Manager Named

Sue Peregrine_portraitChange is always a part of Relay For Life of Second Life. For years, we’ve embraced it and we encourage new ideas while keeping respect for tradition. The tone for the 2016 event was set from the August wrap-up of 2015. New performances at wrap-up, a new way to make strides, our Haunting For A Cure appreciation party, and our new committee structure are all manifestations of that commitment to keep adapting to the ever-changing climate in Second Life.

In that same spirit of change, we are excited to announce that a NEW committee position has been established: the Estate Manager. This position was created as part of our continuous effort to improve region performance during Relay For Life and Mega events. Some of the primary responsibilities of this position will include the establishment of new “Building Recommendations” for anyone who intends to build on a Relay For Life or Mega Event region. The position will also host regular training opportunities for builders, with the topic being: How to build with a focus on region performance without sacrificing creativity. The position will also be focused on region performance leading up to and during Relay weekend.

We are excited to announce that Sue Peregrine has accepted the position. Sue has also brought on Polgara Llewellyn (Pol) to assist her in this position. Sue & Pol are the estate managers for D’Alliez Estates. Combined, they have many years of successful estate management experience and are familiar with the many intricacies that affect region performance, including what and how we build, what we wear, and what we can expect from Linden Lab.

2016 Relay For Life of Second Life Co-Chairs Announced

The 2016 Relay For Life of Second Life will focus on developing new leadership opportunities and continue to push the limits of our creativity in the ever-changing virtual world. The first step in building the 2016 committee has been identifying who will join the Steering Committee, where the vision and strategic direction of the event are set. As part of the Steering Committee, our Co-Chairs will focus on guiding the event committee, serving our Relay For Life Team Captains, and training/developing the future leadership of RFL of SL.

Leala Spire

LealaLeala Spire
 was introduced to Relay For Life when asked to participate in a date auction in 2007. The following year, she joined the Passionate Redheads as a team member.   Sabine McGettigan, the captain of the Redheads had asked Leala to become the team’s co-captain in 2009 and 2010.  Sabine was Leala’s first mentor in Relay For Life and encouraged her to be creative in events.  While a Passionate Redhead, Leala learned how important it was to be not only an involved captain but a passionate one about Relay.

In 2011, Leala started her own team, the Inspired Dreamwalkers, with Sabine’s support and encouragement.  As Captain of the Dreamwalkers, her team reached the Platinum and Sapphire levels of the Fundraising Club.

In 2015, Leala spent her first year on the event committee as Co-Lead of Events. She is also the 2015 Chair of Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in SL and is also helping as the Co-Chair of the Christmas Expo.  The 2016 Relay event will mark Leala’s 9th year as a Relayer and a supporter of Relay for Life.  It’s a passion that has grown in her from the beginning, inspiring her to meet each challenge with passion and a positive spirit.

Nuala Maracas

nuala2016 Marks the 12th year that Nuala Maracas will participate in Relay For Life of Second Life.  Having arrived in-world in September 2004, Nuala was working at La Vie en Rose with T1Radio when the late Alliez Mysterio told her and Trader Whiplash about a new fundraising event being planned for SL called the Relay For Life.  They decided to form a team and the Relay Rockers were born.

As Relay expanded in-world, Nuala became a mentor in 2007.  Her skills and leadership abilities came to the attention of then chair Fayandria Foley and in 2008, she assumed the role of Activities Chair. The following season she was asked to become Event Co-Chair, a role she filled in both 2009 and 2010. In addition to her position as Co-Chair, Nuala helped establish the first Relay on the SL Teen Grid where she served as Liaison.  She represented RFL of SL at the 2009 and 2010 Relay For Life National Leadership Summits  where she received training from members of the national Relay Training Team, which she shared with participants in SL.

In 2011 she returned to the Relay Rockers as Captain, where she continues to lead the virtual Relay’s oldest team as member of its leadership group.

Nuala does not reserve her Relay spirit solely for the virtual world.  From 2009-2011 she served as Teams Chair for the Relay For Life in her home town.  In 2012, she became her home town’s Event Co-Chair.  She also worked for the Canadian Cancer Society where she was the Staff Partner for 5 different Relay events.

Last season, Nuala returned to RFL of SL as Events Coordinator, planning and supervising Paint SL Purple, Kick Off, Halfway There, Relay Weekend and Wrap Up.  She is also the Coordinator for the 2015 Christmas Expo and organizer of ManUp and Bling My Bra for Making Strides

When asked Why Do You Relay, Nuala replied “I Relay for my family, my best friend, and I Relay for me so that if one day I hear those 3 words, …You have cancer… it is followed simply by, …but we have options for your cure, would you like your shot in the left arm or right?”

Random’s Ramblings 07/30/15

Thank you to Saffia Widershins and her team we have You Tube videos  and interviews. !!    You can now view several captains, committee members, team members and designers  from Relay weekend  on video!  http://bit.ly/1VQDnLp
A reminder to fill out the feeback form and give us your ideas for next years theme on the form!

American Cancer Society Launches Pain-Free Hospital in Nigeria

treat the pain nigeria

The American Cancer Society recently joined forces with the Federal Ministry of Health in Nigeria to launch the Pain-Free Hospital Initiative (PFHI). PFHI targets large national referral and teaching hospitals to provide simple, accessible pain management training for health care workers. The goal of the initiative is to equip staff to assess pain, provide high-quality first-line treatment and, in doing so, improve overall access to essential pain medication in Nigeria.

Effectively implementing pain management into a health care system requires more than just access to medicines – it requires an understanding of when and how to give pain medication and the prioritization of pain management as an essential part of care. Over the course of one year, PFHI will train physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other health care providers on how to assess pain levels and dispense pain medication. The program will also stress the importance of pain management for patients, specifically those suffering from pain related to cancer and HIV.

PFHI will be piloted at four hospitals throughout Nigeria: University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (Ilorin), University College Hospital (Ibadan), University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (Enugu), and National Hospital Abuja (Abuja). It is envisioned that the one-year pilot project will further refine the design of the project model for effective replication in other federal tertiary health facilities across the country.

In 2012, approximately 177,000 people were estimated to have died in moderate or severe pain from HIV or cancer in Nigeria. In the same year, the use of narcotic medication such as morphine – designated as an “essential medication” by the World Health Organization – was enough to treat only 266 people, representing a mere 0.2-percent coverage of pain treatment needed. In response to this problem, the Federal Ministry of Health began working with the American Cancer Society Treat The Pain® program to implement a broad pain management system and imported 19.2kg of pulverized morphine. The rollout of PFHI is the next step of this collaborative process.