Team Fundraising Dashboard Challenges 2017

Yes!  They will be back !! and you can raise those team totals higher again this year by using  your very own,  very cool online Fundraising Dashboard! READ ON & RELAY ON!

The Dashboard Challenge is fun for many reasons, but two of them are 1) We can get the TEAM fundraising started (BEFORE kickoff), outside of SL. 2) it lets us reach outside SL to our family, friends, co-workers and let them join us in our Relay.

What is the Fundraising Dashboard? It’s essentially your team and  your own personal web page for doing real-life fundraising. Donors can pay with credit card or paypal. You can put your personal or team fundraising page in an email, in twitter, on facebook, etc.   You can ask for donations to your team or your avatar, or just the event in general.  You can sign up with your SL Avatar name or your real name, or both. Upload pictures or videos, or tell Why You Relay, and so much more.

To sign up for your Fundraising Dashboard, visit our Relay For Life of Second Life webpage