Fundraising Club

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life program relies on your team’s fundraising efforts to help fund our mission of saving lives from cancer.  As a Relay For Life participant, we know you give your time, passion and energy to ensure your virtual community Relay is a success.  The Society understands the commitment it takes to fight back against cancer.

The American Cancer Society appreciates your efforts and accomplishments to help finish the fight.   One way the Society recognizes your efforts is through the Fundraising Club program.  There are programs for both individuals and teams, along with different levels for each to recognize a variety of fundraising milestones.

What’s New In 2017?   We are very excited about the Fundraising Clubs this year.   Back again is the very popular  Individual Fundraising Club program to recognize our Relayers who raise funds from outside of Second Life.  Our Fundraising Dashboard team and individual challenges are back, and we have a special Swag Bags prize for one lucky relayer.


The Team Fundraising Club program rewards team fundraising excellence.  Your team total is used to determine which level your team earns each year.  As a token of appreciation, once your team reaches the Rising Star Fundraising Club level, your team will be recognized as a Rising Star team on the Fundraising Club totals page.

When your team reaches the next Fundraising Club level, Bronze, your team name will be recognized as a Bronze team on the Fundraising Club totals page…and as you reach each new level, your team status on the Team Totals page will update. Your team captain will also receive a special Fundraising Club texture which you can use on your SL profile, on facebook, or on twitter to proudly show your teams accomplishments.

All teams who reach the Rising Star or higher Fundraising Club levels will also receive a Fundraising Club sign at the Halfwaythere Event on May 6. Your team will also receive another at Relay Weekend on the July 15 & 16  which will be displayed at your teams campsite to recognize your team’s efforts and motivate other teams to reach higher levels next year.  The team may take this sign with them when Relay is over and proudly display it throughout the year at your businesses, clubs, or homes to show your success and generate publicity for our Relay event.

The Individual Convio Fundraising Club program motivates and rewards volunteers for fundraising excellence.  Thanks to your hard work in asking your friends, family, coworkers, and community outside of your virtual Relay for donations, we are helping save lives from cancer.  Each dollar raised makes an impact.  We will be listing the Individual Convio Fundraising Club levels and prizes in the very near future, so please check back.


All Amounts Are In US $ Dollars