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2015 Kick Off

Kick Off Weekend is taking you back to 2005 and the first ever virtual relay! The track and campsites have been recreated and, although we could not recreate the 13 water crossings…. yes 13 !!…. we have done our best to give you the 2005 relay experience. It was a different Second Life back in 2005. But we did not stop there because as you know …. The Future Is Now…..and we invite you to enjoy the kick off ceremonies, followed by musical performances from live musicians and dj’s, at our futuristic entertainment stage.

On Saturday, March 7.. We are holding a combination Paint Second Life Purple wrap up party and a team set up / tail gate party for Kick Off from 5pm – 8pm SLT. Everyone is welcome to attend.

On Sunday March 8 it is the Kick Off Event to Relay For Life of Second Life 2015. Kick Off starts at 9 am slt Sunday, March 8 with a pre-show by T1 Radio, the Official Broadcast Partner of Relay For Life of Second Life. Followed by the kick off celebration which will include speeches by your Planning Committee, the ACS representative StingRay Raymaker and other special guests. Following the official kick off ceremony, let’s have some fun! Live music, dj’s, games, and team campsite areas to visit as you stroll around the track from 2005. A Bring Your Own Kiosk (BYOK) party will run from 5pm – 7pm SLT with Trader’s Time Machine on T1Radio bringing you the best of the 60’s tunes.

The kick off party wraps up 7pm slt, with fireworks at 6:45pm.


Kick off Campsites and the Entertainment Stage requests can be made here.

Paint Second Life Purple

RFL Paint Second Life Purple 2015 -2

February 21st – March 7th, join us in painting Second Life purple, to raise awareness about Relay For Life! You can get your very own purple paint kit from ACS island (click here to teleport). The official event schedule for Paint Second Life Purple is as follows:

Purple Launch Party– Saturday, February 21st, 4pm-8pm SLT.

Purple Day Party– Saturday, February 28th, 2pm-4pm SLT.

Purple Finale– Saturday, March 7th, 10am-2pm SLT & 6pm-8pm SLT.


Landmarks and more information regarding these events will be sent out in the Relay For Life Volunteers Group.

 Relay For Life of SL – Team Registration

Team registration for the 2015 Relay For Life of Second Life Season will open on Wednesday, February 11, 2015. Prospective Team Captains can register their teams at the official Relay For Life of Second Life Website:  Relay For Life of Second Life is an official charity of the American Cancer Society.

The theme of the 2015 Relay For Life of Second Life season is “The Future is Now” and for this relay season, each team will be required to have at least a Team Captain and a Team Co-Captain. An email address is required to complete your team’s registration and a separate registration is needed for the online fundraising system, Convio.

Team Captains who successfully completes team registration, between February 11 and March 7 2015, will receive a special “Early Bird” Registration Trophy and Plaque. Potential Team Captains who may need assistance in registering a team can contact Veruca Tammas, the 2015 Teams Ambassador for Relay For Life of Second Life.


About Relay For Life of Second Life
Relay For Life is the signature event of the American Cancer Society and has been active, and continually growing in Second Life for 10 years. In 2005, the first Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) was attended by a few hundred avatars and raised almost $5,000 US dollars for the American Cancer Society. As of July 2014 RFL of SL ranks number 17th out of 5000 teams worldwide in donations received. We have brought in over 2 million US dollars to help with the fight against cancer. This year our Relay weekend will be held on July 17th and 18th.


About the American Cancer Society
For 100 years, the American Cancer Society has been working to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. Together with our millions of supporters, the American Cancer Society (ACS) saves lives by helping people stay well and get well, by finding cures, and by fighting back. The American Cancer Society is a nationwide, community-based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem. The American Cancer Society is a nationwide, community-based, voluntary health, and international organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer, through research, education, advocacy, and service.




Here we are gearing up for our 11th season of Relay For Life in Secondlife.  In just a few weeks we will be opening up registration for our 2015 season. I already hear the rumbling of team meetings and organizing of teams in the volunteer group chat.  In the near future we will see signs of purple everywhere!  Purple avatars, purple soil, purple water, purple sims.  We are ready to make some noise at our launch party for Paint SL Purple on February 21st. Look out……Relay For Life of SL is about to take place!  Paint SL Purple will run right into our kick off for RFL of SL 2015 on March 7tth!

Our steering committee this year will consist of Stingray9798 Raymaker, our amazing ACS staff partner. Random Padar (Darrow) Event Chair and Dawnbeam Dreamscape Co Chair.  We would like to thank all of you that have had an interest in working on committee this season.  Our committee is in place and ready to go! This year we have some great additions to the committee.  You will see much more information from our Global Impact area.  We have chosen Serina Juran, as well as Lunavonrandolf Kenin and Step Portilo from the Foundation For Life team to unite us with our international relayers. Keep an eye out on our social media sights for interesting stories and highlights from our international family.  We have some amazing coaches being trained and ready to take on whatever comes their way. Vee Tammas, our Team Ambassador and Jessi Warrhol our Social Media Ambassador are two more gifted volunteers who will make sure you all are informed and up to date on all Relays happenings.

Dr. Gordy Klatt, the founder of Relay For life said at a Tacoma, Washington volunteer appreciation event, “We have to re-energize ourselves. We have to continue to work and not sit back and let other people do it. We’ve all got to be involved in this struggle, this fight to cure the multiple cancers that we know of.”  He had a dream that began May of 1985 to fight against cancer. 30 years later we can say The Future is Now!

Will you join us in Celebrating our victories, Remembering those we have lost and Fight Back by volunteering to Relay with us beginning March 8, 2015!

Random Padar (Darrow) Event Chair

Here is Your 2015 Relay For Life of Second Life Theme Logo

The theme: The Future is Now

was voted on by the Relay community in August.  The logo design uses the “Back to the Future” font to demonstrate how our past successes have led us to the present, where we don’t have to wait for major victories in the fight against cancer.  We can get excited about being living proof of Gordy Klatt’s vision of hope.  And the earth represents that our Relay event in Second Life is truly a worldwide effort of diverse communities coming together for one common goal…to eliminate cancer as a major health concern.

So, how is it that “The Future is Now?” One example is the success that the American Cancer Society has contributed to – where we have experienced a 20% decline in cancer-related deaths since 1991.

When the American Cancer Society was formed in 1913, only 1 out of 10 people survived cancer.  Today, 2 out of 3 people are survivors!  This is tremendous progress that we should celebrate NOW!

But, until that number is 3 out of 3 – We Relay!!  Join us for the 2015 campaign.  Like our Facebook page and join the RFL of SL Volunteers group in-world to stay up to date on what’s happening.