Announcing the ACS Cancer Action Network in Second Life

acscan-logoThe American Cancer Society in Second Life just got bigger! We are excited to bring the ACS Cancer Action Network into Second Life, continuing our commitment to provide as many opportunities for the residents of Second Life to fight cancer as American Cancer Society volunteers in many diverse ways.

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (CAN) is partnering with the Relay for Life of SecondLife. Together, we CAN fight back against cancer. ACS CAN is the nation’s leading cancer advocacy organization.  They are working every day to make cancer issues a national priority. Many of the most important decisions about cancer are made outside of your doctor’s office. They are made at city hall, by our state legislature, in Congress, and in the White House. Globally they are made at places like the World Health Organization and in trade summits.

I am encouraging all Relayers to join the ACS CAN campaign, because membership empowers us as regular people to be part of the growing national movement that is fighting back against cancer.  Together we are able to hold lawmakers accountable for their words and their actions. Talk about making a difference! Together we can make history!

At ACS Island, the ACS CAN Café is now a part of our total package. The impact we can have in our community is huge. Reaching out through relay to advocate through involvement, influence and impact can help at the local, federal and international level. Having our voices heard will make a difference. Stop by and find your state on the large floor map. See what issues are going on at your local level and then look at their report card. Find your state petitions and sign them. Then look at the national issues and let your voices be heard in Washington. Learn what ACS Can is doing Globally. Regular discussions will be held about the things that matter in ACSCAN with a weekly ACS CAN Café Coffee Chat.

  • Join ACS “Picture a Cure” Café and drop off a photo.
  • Have your voice be heard on the “Your Voice Maters” display.
  • Sign the megaphone and tell us what you speak for.
  • Join the “What Brings you Joy” Program.

To learn more or to join ACS CAN in Second Life, contact Kaiila Mahoney in-world.

Learn about the ACS CAN Cafe on ACS Island

Learn about the ACS Cancer Action Network