Privacy Statement

We are always working with Privacy Officials and Data Management employees at the American Cancer Society to ensure that:

1. When you make a donation to the American Cancer Society through kiosks and vendors, your personal information is not shared with the Society’s database. 2. When you register for Relay For Life of Second Life (team registration and/or Convio registration), that data does is not shared with the Society’s database. 3. When you make an online donation (Convio), your information is not made available to any other organization. The Society is not currently participating in any program that provides our constituent information to another organization. In the past, any data sharing would have only included information from donors who had mailed a donation to the Society, and would only have been shared with reputable non-profit organizations who share a similar mission as The Society. This means that if you only make online donations, your information has never been shared. If you receive solicitation from another non-profit organization, it would not be the result of your involvement with the American Cancer Society. According to Society privacy officials, other organizations can acquire your information from other catalog/magazine subscriptions, any number of online accounts for various websites, blogs, social networks, search engines, rewards programs, credit card companies, etc. The options are limitless. We have always appreciated and respected

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your right to privacy, especially in Second Life, where anonymity is of high value to many residents. To add another layer of security, the Society also offers all of our volunteers, donors, and participants the opportunity to tell us that you do not want us to share your information.

We respect your privacy and allow you to restrict internal and external sharing of your personal information. We recognize that you may wish to limit the ways in which we contact you and we offer the following options:

  1. Do not contact me by telephone.

  2. Do not contact me by postal mail.

  3. Do not contact me by email.

  4. Do not share my contact information with other non-profit organizations.

  5. Do not contact me with fundraising requests supporting the American Cancer Society.

  6. Limit your fundraising appeals to semiannual solicitations only.

  7. Do not contact me or share my information with anyone.

For more information on how to inform us of any desired restrictions, please click on the following link: opt out. If you contact us with an opt-out request, all reasonable efforts will be taken to ensure that you will not receive any of the selected communications from us in the future. If you do not wish to opt out at this time, you may do so at a later date should you so desire.