2017 Theme Hours

Each hour of the 24 Hour Relay on July 15 & 16 has a “theme” and we  encourage you to participate in as many as you can.  It is not required, but it sure is fun!

Start to gather some of your fun items for the Theme Hours Below and see you on the Track!


Saturday July 15, 2017

11am SLT SURVIVORS & CAREGIVERS HONOR LAP    From the side of the track, continue to cheer on our SURVIVORS & CAREGIVERS as they walk the opening CELEBRATION lap

12:30pm SLT TEAM SPIRIT LAP   This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, teams. Grab your team banner and / or flags and get on that track & walk with pride for all you have done in FINISHING the FIGHT against cancer. We are ONE big, awesome team & WE ARE RELAYING!     

2pm SLT  DANCE YOUR DECADE!!   What is your favorite musical decade?  50’s, 60’s, 70’s 80, 90’s or maybe country? Dress in your favorite decade or genre of music and dance on down the track.  

3pm SLT  CRAZY HATS, HAIR & CAKE !!   Let’s cover our heads to protect ourselves from the sun and get some giggles with the craziest hats and / or hair you can find ! Have a cake hat? Have cake hair?  Why not! It’s Second Life!  

4pm SLT  THE FUTURE’S SO BRIGHT – Get on your fun and funky sunglasses!  Need a special pair? There are specially made, unique 2017 Relay Sunglasses in the vendors at the Relay Stations. Collect all 5 sets!  

5pm SLT  THE PURPLE GLOVE DANCE – Put on your purple gloves, wave your hands, dance and party on the track!  Stop at the Purple Glove Picture areas, snap a picture, post it to your facebook, tweet it out #, upload it to flicker, send to your friends.

6pm SLT  ACCIDENTAL TOURIST-  Put on your tacky shorts & shirts, sun visors, socks & sandals. Strap on that camera. Slip on the backpack.  It’s time to be a tacky tourist.

7pm SLT  FANTASY HOUR-  Elves, Fairies, Fae’s, Knights, Dragons, Princesses, LOTR, Harry Potter, Wizards, Wings,Angels…an all encompassing Fantasy Hour….what is your mythical fantasy?  

8pm SLT  LIGHT UP THE TRACK –  Evening is upon us, help us light the track.  A single handheld candlestick, a gaudy candelabra, a pair of sparklers, a glow stick, a flashlight, let’s light the way as we walk.  Be sure to light the luminaria along the track as you walk.

9pm SLT   LUMINARIA CEREMONY.  Please plan to walk or line the track, in silence during this emotional ceremony. We remember those who we’ve lost to cancer. We reflect on the friends, families and loved ones we Relay for.   

10:30pm SLT  MEET AND MAKE A NEW FRIEND –  We all can use friends. Introduce yourself to someone you do not know and walk the track with them. Who knows, you may meet a new best friend!

11:00pm SLT  UNDER THE BIG TOP – Come one, come all to the biggest show on earth!  The RFL Circus! Watch for clowns, ring masters, bearded ladies, mimes, the strongman, fortune tellers, tightrope walkers!  

Sunday, July 16, 2017

12:00am SLT  STAYING UP LATE PJ PARTY – Join the steering committee for a special PJ Party. Wear your jammies, carry your pillow and blankets, and enjoy the tunes spun by your steering committee as they take over the air.  

1am SLT HOLIDAY ROAD – What is your favorite Holiday? Christmas, Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, Cinco de Mayo, Halloween, New Year, Kwanzaa, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day?   Dress for your fav and join us on Holiday Road. (aka the track)  

2am SLT  AROUND THE BEACH – Let’s head to the water and have some fun!  Don’t forget to Slip, Slop, Slap & Wrap to protect yourself from the damaging UV rays!  Or maybe you are a mermaid, a fish out of water, or Neptune himself.

3am SLT  HOPPY BALL BOUNCE – Bouncy, Bouncy. Let’s grab those bouncy balls and bounce on down the track. Try not to hop over anyone!

4am SLT  INTERNATIONAL HOUR – Relay For Life is internationally held in more than 26 countries around the world! Our virtual relay is truly an International Relay.  Wear something that reflects one of those countries. Carry an international flag from one of the countries.

5am SLT  HEROES – EVERY DAY AND SUPER – we all have those we consider heroes…who is yours? Superman, parents, doctors, Batman, WonderWoman, Firemen, Teachers,  Spiderman,etc! Show us who is your Everyday or Super Hero!  

6am SLT   The FIGHT BACK CEREMONY will begin at 6:00pm. Pick up your Fight Back kit at any Info station along the track!  Walk the track or join us at the ceremony stages! How will you FIGHT BACK against cancer in the next year?

7am SLT  TUTUS & TOGAS – Why not?  You choose – put on a tutu or a toga and have some fun going down the track!  2 Guys In  A Tutu!  Snap those pics and get them on your social media pages!   

8am SLT  COFFEE, CURLERS & CAKE – Wake Up Relayers! Morning has arrived !  Wear a teapot, a coffee maker, coffee cups.. Wear pj’s, slippers, curlers. It’s time to wake up and keep going on the track just a little bit longer!

9am SLT   FORMAL HOUR – It’s a Relay tradition in Second Life.. let’s bring it on home dressed to the nine’s!   

10am SLT  CLOSING CEREMONIES  Please join us at the Ceremony Stages in the Activity Sims. The ceremony will also be streamed via T1 Radio @ t1radio.com

11am SLT YOUR VICTORY LAP!!  One last time around the track!  Look for the Committee Members along the side of the track cheering for you and all you have accomplished done and accomplished for the American Cancer Society!  Look for the Fireworks!   Celebrate YOUR Relay !!