2017 RFL of SL Team Campsite Registration

Campsite Registration form for the July 15 & 16 Relay Weekend

*** Only Team Captains are to complete the form ***

WoW! Has time flown by fast! We are getting closer and closer to that fantastic life-changing Relay weekend in July. The weekend we all come together as ONE TEAM! The weekend we CELEBRATE our survivors who have battled or are continuing to fight their battle with cancer, REMEMBER those who have lost their lives to cancer, and FIGHT BACK by making our own personal pledge to help beat the disease.

You are keeping the kiosks and Convio site cha-chinging with donations day and night!! The excitement for the July 15 & 16 Relay Weekend is building! We are thrilled to announce that registration for your Team Campsite is now open !!

This year, your team request for a campsite will be made by completing the 2017 Relay For Life Team Campsite Registration Form Registration Form (instructions below).

What is a campsite?

A campsite is a build on a parcel of land during the Relay Weekend. This year there will be 32  regions. The track that the Relayers walk or run travels into each region and is lined on either side with the different campsites for each team. Active Relay teams are eligible to build their own campsite along that track. This year’s theme is “Passport To Hope” and we are asking each team to create YOUR interpretation of this theme.

The word “passport” has a couple meanings… it can be a legal document from a country to allow you entry, but taking that definition alone would bring our Passport to Hope theme on a very narrow path. This year, I would like you to also think of the other definition of Passport….

a : a permission or authorization to go somewhere b : something that secures admission, acceptance, or attainment <education as a passport to hope> <research as a passport to hope> <support as a passport to hope> etc.

This opens another world of possibilities for our creative minds in Second Life and changes the meaning of Passport To Hope.

Take time to contemplate ..what does HOPE mean to you?

The 2017 Relay Weekend Team Campsite Build Guidelines can be found HERE.

Please remember that hundreds of Relayers are going to be walking the track. They’ll be stopping at the campsites, exploring and looking at your creations. During Relay weekend, the campsite is also a great place for the team to meet and hangout (depending on team size) and a great way to showcase what your team is all about.

What can our team do at our campsite?

We encourage fundraising on your campsite, but only kiosks, vendors, gotchas, random riots, silent auctions and raffles.  No events, parties, games, etc. should be held during the RELAY event. And, of course, all fundraising must follow the fundraising guidelines located HERE

Remember, we have to limit headcount in the campsites to permit walkers to enter the region and make it around the track. You will also be sharing the sim with other teams who want to be able to access their campsite as well. At times teams may be asked to disperse and spread out to other sims so the walkers can go through the sim.
Do I need to do a minimum number of laps or hours?

No. Relay isn’t a race or endurance test; we simply ask that teams have at least one person on the track at all times. Some team members may set personal goals and end up doing more laps than others. You can also walk in pairs or groups to make it more enjoyable.
Do all team members need to stay overnight at the track?

No. We understand that some people won’t be able to be at the track for the whole event. We ask that team members try to stay at the track for as long as possible to support each other and share the Relay roster, particularly late at night
Are vehicles, motorcycles, bikes, scooters, etc. allowed on the track?

All vehicles are prohibited from the track. You walk or run at relay.

Team Captains are the persons who complete the request form

✔ Meet with your team and decide what you want to do at Relay Weekend

✔ Review the 2017 Relay Weekend Team Campsite Build Guidelines  which will contain valuable information on items such as Passport To Hope campsite sizes, building / prim guidelines, land terraforming, etc.

✔ Complete the Relay For Life 2017 Relay For Life Team Campsite Registration Form by clicking the link below

✔ Answer all the questions on the form (listed below so you can be prepared)

Does your team require a campsite for the July 15 & 16, 24 Hour Relay ?
Options: ;

Please select the size of the campsite you are requesting
Standard Campsite
Large Campsite
No Preference

Is your team a Regional Sponsor?
Yes our team is  sponsoring one region
Yes our team is sponsoring MULTI Regions
No, our team is not sponsoring a region
We are interested in sponsoring a region, please contact us.

If your team is or has a Regional Sponsor, what is the sponsor name?

✔ There is a “NOTES / SPECIAL REQUESTS TO EVENT DESIGN ” box, at the end of the form, where you can enter campsite-specific statements to Event Design. For example, “Please place us near Team Joe as we do joint fundraising with them. “Please put us near ABC team as they are our family / close friends.” Those types of requests or messages….not questions. (We will not be able to answer questions submitted through this form). If you have questions regarding the campsite or special requests, please contact us.

✔ After you have answered all the questions, click submit.


Your passion, drive and dedication to Relay throughout the 2017 season has truly been an inspiration. Let’s keep up the momentum and determination as we move forward towards Relay weekend.



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